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  1. You say your music is “healing music” and that is the Truth. WOW! I love the power, passion, hilarity, sweetness, gentleness, and authenticity that you two show up (both for yourselves and all of there to witness) with in the world to bring your “healing music” to each of us. I appreciate your willingness to share your stuff…the good and glorious, bad and life-threatening and life-changing, as well as the funny, inspiring, and encouraging stuff. You are both real with your audiences and in person. Two women who make living out life look…well, easier! Thank you. Thank you sharing your hearts, music, and songs with the world! I can’t get enough of it.

  2. What a gift your ministry through music is to the world! Thank you for being wonderfully authentic and open-hearted with you audience and fans. Thank you for blessing the world with melodies and harmonies of love and positive energy filled with peace, giggles, belly laughs, and even a few cleansing tears. Thank you for “free gifts” of hugs that truly seems to put some pieces of my brokenness back together. Thank you for being your Divine selves on a stage and among us. Namaste!
    My 1st Stowegood concert was awesome. I am already looking forward to my 2nd.

  3. Could we have been blessed any more than we were tonight at the concert here in Austin, TX? I think not!
    The stories and songs, giggles and grace, talent and music were all so wonderful. Thank you for living authentic lives as such sweet friends that the rest of us are a little jealous. Your ministry is healing. Your songs and music are healing. Your hugs and moments to chat with fans like me are healing. Thank you!
    My 1st Stowegood concert will NOT be my last. I look forward to seeing you again! Bless y’all!

  4. Just listened once again to your amazing CD, Karen, “Perfect Work of Art.” I bought it when you came to New Thought Unity Center of Cincinnati–maybe 18 years ago? It is truly a master work. You cover so many important topics with wisdom and grace. My wife and I now have 2 kids (20 and 18) and you’ve captured what that’s like. Just cried intensely during various songs, and it was so cathartic.

    I am delighted to you see you have a new collaborator who seems to be an amazing match. I watched your promo video and it looks like you two complement each other well. All the best as you continue to inspire and teach us through your musical journey.


    P.S. Now I have to find my other cassette (I think) with “Somebody Else’s Road.” Probably not your biggest hit, but I just love that song.

    • Are you looking for the sheet music?
      We think we might have that, but we are currently out of the country so we cannot send it. Let us know if that is what you’re looking for. We’ll be home at the end of May.

  5. Stowe and Karen, it was great meeting you today at Janet’s house in Falmouth. I hope we can meet again. We love your songs on the Beautiful Brokenness CD. Thank you so much for that little gift. Wishing you all the best, Paul and Susan Novick, Alexandria VA.

    • Dearest Susan & Paul, we so enjoyed our delicious lunch with you, and we’re delighted to hear that you’re enjoying the music! Yay! Hope to see you again in the not-too-distant future!
      Stowe and Karen

  6. Just want to thank you for the most wonderful weekend we had at Sacred Hearts Retreat in Wareham, MA. Your music was powerful, spiritual, and inspiring. You both have a beautiful gift. Continue to share that gift with the world. Love you both.

    • Denise, thank you for your lovely message and encouragement. Wasn’t that just the greatest retreat? Peggy is such a gifted leader. We loved our time together with you all and hope to see you again soon!
      With love,
      Stowe and Karen

  7. Karen and Stowe are life-affirming angels who provide audiences with wisdom, strength and most importantly a love felt as a tingling from minds to hearts to tippy-toes. It would be impossible to leave a StoweGood concert without an assurance of divine visitation.

    • Dearest Angel Mike,
      Wow. In addition to all of your other fabulous qualities, we now see that you have an incredible way with words! May we use this in our promotional material? We are so touched. Thank you for your loving peaceful spirit, and for being a part of our lives. Sending so much love to you and your precious Sharla

  8. Dear Karen,

    your albums “Let the light in”, “Song Guru” and “Perfect Work of Arts” helped me become who I really am. Thank you for your voice, your words and your heart.

    In deep gratitude,

    Tanja from Austria

  9. I was introduced to you both and your music while I was in Mass. during my Mothers departure from Earth, my friend played your CD’S for me while I rested and healed. It was very comforting and I have ordered my own set to have with me in Naples FL where I live. I will look for the next time you are in my area and rush to get tickets.
    God bless you both and thank you for your gift.
    In peace,

    • Joy,
      We send love and healing prayers to you, knowing that this is a difficult loss. We’re honored that our music has been a comfort to you. Can’t wait to meet you in person!
      With love,
      Stowe and Karen

  10. Good morning dear ladies. I am off to my doctors office for the first of 5 straight days of receiving my meds for this month. I listened to “Nothing is Impossible” and “Survivors Song” to start my day.
    It was great to hear you and meet you.
    Thank you for your music

    XOXO Mr. Ed

    • Dear Mr. Ed… what a joy to meet you – you who are so full of life! We send you much love and hold you in the Light, knowing your treatments will be smooth, and that you are healed. Stay strong, be well! xoxo

  11. Beautiful Brokenness is a Masterpiece! I’ve laughed, cried, danced, and healed. I hope you know what a gift you give to the world by sharing your journeys in your music. Every cell in my body thanks you. I’ve been listening to it every morning, starting my day with the wisdom you both have gathered. I see you continuing to love working together, creativity just pouring forth, and being 100% supported by the abundant flow. Blessings, gratitude, and so much love.

    • Chaya, God bless you! And thank you for sharing your heart. You have just made our day, and your loving support means the world to us. We say a big thank you, and also wish you Blessings and so much love. 🙂

  12. Thank you for the amazing songs and sermon. You rocked our house in Clearwater! We were truly blessed to have had this opportunity to have you perform today….Valentine’s Day.

    Love you both and God bless.

  13. Loved your concert at Unity of Louisville! Can’t wait for your new CD.I see you are going to Naples Fla in Feb. Just visited there. Great church! Thanks again for coming to Louisville. So sorry you had trouble with electricity.

  14. Hey there Stowe Dailey and Karen Taylor Good! You guys did an over the top performance at the TEDX Ashburn event! Singing out inspirations is a talent. It really is ….you guys did a wonderful job!

  15. WOW! I am blessed to have experienced both of you at the Houston Unity Sunday Service. Thank you for reminding me “I Am A Gift”. Infinite Blessings of Love and Gratitude to you!
    Mary Beth

  16. I haven’t flown but went to ifly Austin to watch a friend. I said I wouldn’t go until after a face lift/tummy tuck for fear of flapping. After hearing the message of “Prime Time”, I think I’ll go anyway and do without the surgery. What the heck!

    • Yeah, that’s the spirit Mary Helen! It’s so much fun you’ll forget all about your “fear of flapping.” Thanks for sharing and let us know how it goes!Fly High!

  17. I lost my oldest brother at 5 and my twin brother at 25, so this had real meaning. Thank you for the wonderful way to remember. You say “if” there is a heaven, I believe there is and I will see my brothers again and I hope you find that peace too. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent not only in voice but the wonderful messages you convey through music.

    • Hi Ellen. Actually, it originally SAID “and I know there’s a Heaven”…that’s the way I received the song. When I passed it by the Compassionate
      Friends leaders, they were afraid that some non-believing bereaved parents would be put off, so we changed it. I’m so happy you mentioned it! Sending much love to you. xxxx Karen

  18. I first heard you both sing in Appleton, Wisconsin on February 22nd. I bought your duo CD. Your music came to me at a very difficult time in my life. I have gotten so much comfort from your songs so I’m buying more! “Lean Into It” when feeling the need to breathe and relax. “Tears” needs no explanation. “You Are Loved” when I need to wiggle to the beat. “How Adored You Are” when I felt the need to connect to my son spiritually. He has a mental illness and has been in jail then a mental health institution for the last year and half. Thank God, yesterday he was granted his petition to be released back into the community. “The Question” when I didn’t know how I would get through the day, so I stopped to listen. “Sweet Sweet You” makes me smile. The best thank you I can think of is buying more to share. Blessings.

  19. Hi Stowe and Karen – Love your new song Beautiful-Brokeness. Thank you for the download. I love your music.
    Debbie from Clearwater

  20. Beautiful Brokenness… It is beautiful, Karen and Stowe! I recall that we got a preview here in Appleton.

    Thank you for sharing your amazing gifts! I have been singing Karen’s music since 1998 … both of you are such an inspiration and blessing in my life.


  21. I have two of your CDs in my car and listen to them as I drive back and forth from place to place. I stopped at a stoplight the other day, just singing along…The man in next car said, “Turn it up and play it again!” I giggled all the way home! LOVE YOU! Terah

  22. Gayle and I have loved your positive songs since the two or three times we heard you in Clearwater. Since we have never heard, in person, this new duet, please let us know if you come to the north Atlanta suburbs. This free download (Beautiful Brokenness) is playing right now, and I for one love it.

  23. It was sooooo good to hear from you. I tried to download your new song but my computer skills leave a lot to be desired and I was not able to get it but at least I tried. Are you guys ever coming back to Fort Myers?
    I would so love to hear you sing in person again.Best of luck in all that you do. Namaste. Love and Blessings, Faye

  24. Hello ladies!

    I have been a committed listener to Karen’s songs for a good two years now. And as I am picking up on my ‘using the smartphone’ -skills as well as letting go of my prejudices toward some parts of the internet, I discovered YouTube for myself! And with it through hits on Karen, I met Stowe! Wonderful voice!

    So now I’m clicking my way through your website, figuring out how to buy mp3s from Germany 🙂

    Go on with what you’re doing! It’s great! I love your voices AND the lyrics … Gorgeous.


    • Thanks, Marit! We’re glad you’re enjoying our music. Did you figure out how to buy and download an mp3 yet?

      Sending love to you in Germany!

      Stowe & Karen

  25. I just loved hearing you at Unity Church of the Hills! Your music was touching, uplifting and inspirational. Thank you for bringing your gifts to us!

  26. What I can see of your website is very nice, although I don’t know how to do Facebook so I can’t see much. I do like your new CD. Thanks for the autographed copy. Frank & I will treasure it. It looks like you’ll miss the LLR again–it’s Jan 11-13. I was sure hoping you’d get there. It’s also inspiring and Frank & I are chairmen this year.
    Keep on writing the great songs and encouraging all of us to do and be our best. Love the way you do it.

    • Hi Ann! Thank you so much for your comment, and for your support. Love to you and Frank. Stowe and I would love to share
      our new songs with the Lions sometime. Lets work on that!

  27. Hello Stowe,
    I was in Fort Meyers Florida when we met… you walked up to me before going on and asked how I was doing. I said good. That was it, and I sat and watched and listened to beauty. I was the first to win a CD from that show, which was awesome and I cried. I was leaving soon to see my husband George in Scottsdale who was having altenate treatment. Before May or somewhere around there. But before I even came to that show I was looking for a good book to read and it was like I heard a voice, I will find one. I had twenty dollars in my car went and retrieve it because you talked about your story and you were selling you’re book there. It was just the book I’ve needed. I read it and then left it in Scottsdale for my husband to read. So here we are after going to the Mayo Clinic and the news we received was not what we wanted to hear. Still keeping the faith though… please send some prayers our way.
    Thank You Dorothy

    • Dear Dorathy,
      Yes, I remember you and your story. Thanks for writing and sharing your heart and your news. Obviously you are both being led on a special journey (as I believe we all are). We are standing beside you in spirit as you and George continue on your path.
      Sending prayers up for the highest and best for you both.
      With love,

    • Thanks so much, Suzanne, for those encouraging words! We still have a few kinks to work out but we’ll get there. We look forward to spreading our music and love to many, just like you do. Blessings to you, our soul sister.
      Karen & Stowe

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